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Commercial grade professional line of  Powder DTF and  No Powder DTF Printers.
 powder less or no powder ™

Are you ready to change the Screen printing industry

Introducing The Cobraflex Line of Printers

The industry leader in DTF and No Powder DTF printers

Printhead: EPSON 15 x i3200-A1
Print speed: (15 HEAD) 720*1800DPI 6PASS 2700 SQFT/HR

Printhead: EPSON i3200-U1
Print Speed: (3 Head)
360x1440dpi 8pass 65 sqft/hr

Printhead: EPSON i3200-A1
Printing Speed: (3 Head)
360x1800DPI 4PASS 250 sqft/hr

Printhead: EPSON i3200-A1
Printing Speed: (2 Head) 360x1800DPI 6PASS 150 sqft/hr

Printhead: EPSON i3200-A1
Print speed: (3 Head)
360x1800DPI 4PASS 250 sqft/hr

Printhead: 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed: 4.5m²/h
Print Width: 30cm (12 inch)  

Printhead: 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed: 4PASS 3M²/h 6 PASS 2.6M²/h 8PASS 2M²/h 12PASS 1.5M²/h

Powder solution for PET transfer film: You can now print with a 24-inch unit that prints full CMYKW inks.

Printhead: 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed: 4.5m²/h
Print Width: 30cm (12 inch)  

CobraFlex™  Direct To Film Flexible Printers

Cobraflex commercial printers has set the bar for the highest output and highest quality flexible digital transfer Printers.

 Cobraflex Printers has created the largest dealer network in the country for our  complete line of DTF and no powder DTF Printers TM 

A Cobraflex DTF Printer is a state of the art printer that prints directly on specialty films with the highest quality prints possible to the
direct to garment screen print and promotional product industry.

Need To Know Before you Buy

Proper environment
for operating CobraFlex Printers

This is not a suggestion, it is mandatory for optimum manufacturing on CobraFlex printers. No Powder CobraFlex Printer Must be in a climate-controlled...

CobraFlex power and operating specifications

Model CobraFlex(NP) 24" & CobraFlex(NP) 50" Print Head 3pc *Epson I3200 Printing Speed 24" 24" 320/2400 4pass 100sq Feet Per Hour 24" 720/1800 6 Pass 85sq Feet...

Washing Instructions

In order to get best wash results of your no powder DTF or powder transfer prints and apparel we recommend turning your garments inside out before you wash. Wash using cold...

Air Pneumatic heat pressing instructions

Pneumatic/air heat press is necessary for this application. A high amount of pressure is required to apply the transfer to the substrate or garment. The high amount...

Looking to take your screen print, embroidery large format or
promotional product company to the next level.

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