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Buckets of Ink: Your Trusted Partner in Printing, Proudly Partnering with Cobraflex Printers

Discover the power of collaboration in the world of printing through our esteemed partnership with Cobraflex Printers. As a reputable dealer, Buckets of Ink is honored to stand alongside Cobraflex, combining our expertise to deliver an unmatched printing experience.

Why Choose Buckets of Ink as Your Cobraflex Printers Dealer?

1. Unrivaled Printing Solutions: As a distinguished dealer of Cobraflex Printers, Buckets of Ink offers you access to a remarkable array of cutting-edge printing solutions. From innovative printer models to premium inks, we provide the tools you need to bring your visions to life.

2. Expert Guidance: Backed by our deep understanding of the printing industry, we’re here to guide you. Whether you’re navigating the world of printing for the first time or seeking to elevate your current setup, our expert team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

3. Commitment to Excellence: At Buckets of Ink, we share Cobraflex’s commitment to excellence. Our collaboration means you can expect top-notch products and exceptional service that meet and exceed industry standards.

4. Genuine Products: When you choose Buckets of Ink, you’re choosing authenticity. Our partnership with Cobraflex ensures that every product we offer is genuine, ensuring the highest quality in your printing endeavors.

If you're located in this area you're in for an exceptional screen printing experience.

Printhead: 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed: 4PASS 3M²/h 6 PASS 2.6M²/h 8PASS 2M²/h 12PASS 1.5M²/h

Powder solution for PET transfer film: You can now print with a 24-inch unit that prints full CMYKW inks.

Printhead: 2*Epson XP600
Printing Speed: 4.5m²/h
Print Width: 30cm (12 inch)