Cobra Flex Printers DTF printers

Company Advantages

At CobraFlex Printers we have professional stateside, abroad ink R&D, production facility with multi-channel distributions with high output equipment manufacturing facility and comprehensive technical support.

Cobraflex printers technical parameters

Technical Parameters

CobraFlex(NP) 24" & CobraFlex(NP) 50"
Print Head
3pc *Epson i3200
Printing Speed 24"
24" 320/2400 4pass
100sq feet per hour
24" 720/1800 6 pass
85sq feet per hour
24" 720/2400 8 pass
60sq feet per hour
Printing Speed 50"
50" 320/2400 4pass
200sq feet per hour
50" 720/1800 6 pass
160sq feet per hour
50" 720/2400 8 pass
120sq feet per hour
Color Mode
CYMKW & special printable Adhesive
Printing Media
PET transfer film
Media Transmission
Automatic Film Take Up
Computer Included / USB3.0
Ink Type
Eco-Friendly Water-Based Ink Ecotex Certified
Ink System
Auto Circulation Supply System
Power Printer
1 X 220V / 20 Amp
Room Temperature
70º to 80º F
Operating Environment
70º to 80º F
40% to 60%
CobraFlex(NP) 24"-89"x89"
CobraFlex(NP) 50"-105"x89"
Power Dryer
1 X 220V 30 Amp Dedicated
1 X 220V 30 Amp Dedicated
Printer Weight
275 lBS
Supplied by L6-20P
supplied by L30 P