Cobra Flex Printers DTF printers

Case Study - DuPontTM Artistri® DTF Inks Partnering with OEMs to develop winning solutions

Success case in North America with CobraFlex developing
new solution for DTF

CobraFlex is an US based OEM that develops printers for DTF printing. CobraFlex and DuPont partnered to develop a new DTF system that could be a viable production solution for them.
From their experience with the Chinese inks’ alternatives in the market, they were looking for an ink set that could:

• Color match and high printing quality;
• Have high consistency in the print;
• Increase expiration window;
• Made in the USA inks;
• Reliable batch to batch color consistency.

Printing process specs
Software and ink set up

Job test – comparison method

• Both inks were run on the same printer.
• Inks were loaded per manufacturer specification.
• Both inks were run with the same printer, film, powder and printheads.​
• On-site technician profiled both films inks.
• Comparison was made on images the customer considers they’re most

Dupont case study comparison